Limited Partnership (LLP)

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is type of business entity that is commonly used by lawyers, accountants and other professional services firms. Generally speaking, it is a good combination between a partnership and a private limited company, as it does not have as many corporate obligations as a company but still is seen as a legal identity separate from its partners.


LLP Setup Requirements

  • Minimum 2 Partners
  • Minimum one manager who must be a Singapore resident
  • A Singapore registered office address


Documents and Information required:

  • Proposed business name
  • Copy of NRIC and Passport of the partners/managers (foreign passport or NRIC/passport)


Application Duration:

For almost all cases we have conducted, the sole proprietorship the registration takes less than one day for most people. However it is reported on ACRA that there have been instances where it can take up to 2 months due to certain complications.


What Will You Receive:

  1. ACRA Business Profile
  2. UEN (Unique entity number)
  3. Digital and hard copy documents
  4. Bank account opening and Welcome pack


How Much Will it Cost:

  • Our fees are the lowest in Singapore – SGD $350
  • ✓Includes ACRA business registration and name application fee


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