Benefits of Registering a Company in Singapore

There are many benefits to registering a company in Singapore and we would not want to flood you with content that you can already find on other articles. Hence here is an article that summarizes the advantages of incorporating a company in Singapore.


Simple and Straightforward Incorporation Process

According to the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business, Singapore has always been at the top of the list. The incorporation process is straightforward and simple. It takes less than a day to incorporate a new company in most of the cases. We are able to achieve the company registration process within 2 hours in most cases.


Low Corporate Tax Rate

Singapore boasts one of the lowest corporate tax rates amongst developed economies around the world. A one-tier tax rate of 17% with several tax discounts available makes Singapore an ideal destination for corporate taxation reasons alone.


100% Foreign Ownership

A foreign national individual or company is legally able to own 100% shares of a company incorporated in Singapore. It is not necessary to have a local partner or shareholder like most other countries would enforce.


No Currency Controls

Unlike other countries like in India and China, there are no restrictions on repatriation of profits of Singaporean companies. There are also no limitations on the amount of investment capital that you can bring into Singapore.


Other benefits include:

  1. Supportive and business-centric government policies
  2. Highly skilled, efficient and robust English speaking workforce
  3. Low risk of corruption within private and public sectors
  4. Well-developed Infrastructure
  5. Naturally for most businesses that are considering expanding their operations to Asia should seriously consider Singapore first.


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