Can a Foreigner Own a Company in Singapore?

A foreign national individual can own a company in Singapore, and as a matter of fact, he or she can own 100% of the company in its entirety. This is one of the reasons why registering a company in Singapore is highly advantageous and appealing to foreign nationals.

In most cases, anyone over the age of 18 years can register a company in Singapore.


There are some key requirements for foreigners when setting up a new company in Singapore:

Must appoint a local director

We provide a local director service (nominee director in name)

Must engage the services of a registered filing agent to register their company

Foreigners are not legally allowed to register a company on their own, they are required to engage a third-party qualified service provider like us.


Foreigners can register a company without the need to migrate to or be present in Singapore. At time of application, they are required to appoint a local director.

However, if the foreigner wants to form a company in Singapore and work as its local director, it is then mandatory for them to obtain the appropriate work pass to work legally in Singapore.


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