How Much Does It Cost To Register a Company in Singapore?

It is relatively inexpensive to set up a company in Singapore, making it one of the most preferred options of entrepreneurs and small and medium sized business owners. The company registration process is fully computerised and is overseen by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).


To register a company in Singapore, there are two (2) fees that are charged by ACRA:

  • Business name application fee – SGD$15
  • Business registration fee – SGD$300

Most corporate secretarial and registered filing agent firms charge between SGD$500 to SGD$2000 for such services, depending on the amount of support and complexity of the case.
For us here, our fees are only SGD$350 and it includes the business name application fee and business registration fee! Therefore you are paying only SGD$35 for our professional services of ensuring your company registration is performed professionally and accurately.



To register a company in Singapore – Click here to begin the 10 minutes process or Speak with a specialist here

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