What Documents Are Required to Register a Company in Singapore?

A private limited liability company is the most popular type of business entity that entrepreneurs, seasoned business operators and foreign companies use to conduct business operations here. A private limited company in Singapore is a separate legal entity from its owners and provides shareholders with protection against debts beyond the amount of capital they contribute.

To register a company in Singapore, we require the following documents:

For Singapore residents

  • A copy of NRIC
  • For non-residents
  • A copy of passport
  • Proof of overseas residential address (utility bill / telephone bill / government letter showing address)

That is simply it! Registering a company in Singapore is a simple and straightforward process, and we strive to make this process more efficient by allowing you to register your business online!
Once you complete our online form, a specialist will be in touch with you via email or telephone within the same hour to go through the details! We will make sure that your company is registered properly and accurately!


To register a company in Singapore – Click here to begin the 10 minutes process or Speak with a specialist here


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