Frequently Asked Questions

Company Incorporation

Can a foreigner register a company in Singapore?

Yes, any individual can register a company in Singapore as long as they meet the legal requirements such as:
•  Having a local resident director
•  Having a company secretary

Do you provide local resident director service?

Yes we do. Please click here for more information.

Can I buy a Singapore website domain name after my company is registered?

Yes you can proceed to purchase a Singaporean domain with your new company details, however you will need the local director to verify the domain details. Verification of domain details can only be done with residents of Singapore who are issued with a Singpass.
If you signed up for our local nominee director service, we can verify your Singapore domain for free.

Company Secretary

Can I transfer my existing company secretary service provider to you?

Yes you can, we will need some information about your company and your acknowledgement to change your company secretary to us.

Is the process to transfer company secretary difficult?

The process is not difficult, we have successfully completed the transfer process for many of our current clients who have transferred to us from other providers.

When can I get you to become my new company secretary?

Just complete a digital form and we will take care of the rest!

Can you help check if my company needs updating?

Yes, we will systematically check if basic requirements have been met such as Annual Return filing and Business Registration renewal.

Company Address

What does your registered company address include?

A physical office address in Singapore that will fulfil the legal requirement and is unique only to you.
Administrative handling of all incoming mails that can be forwarded to you by local or international postage. Mailing expense is separate and is borne by you. All expenses will be properly itemised.