Corporate Income Tax Filing

According to ACRA and Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) regulations, it is mandatory for all business entities in Singapore to keep proper accounting records and documentation. Every year, all companies registered in Singapore need to file its income tax with IRAS every year as well as fulfil financial statements documentation with ACRA separately.
Although these are not required at the time of registering your company, you will be required to fulfil these tax and financial reporting obligations for your company annually.


$ 350 SGD per / year

✔  Includes ECI and Form C/C-S
✔  Simple, straightforward and fast
✔  Fully compliant with all IRAS regulations and procedures

What Documents Do We Need From You?

Our process is straightforward and simple, we are able to finalise this process within an hour working alongside you! Our consultant can either go to your workplace or handle this process over emails!
We simply require financial statements from your accounting software (if we are not your bookkeepers, you have to provide to us), OR
Simply fill up an excel document of business financial figures like revenue and expenses and we will handle the rest!

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