Local Resident Nominee Director

According to ACRA and local regulations, there has to be at least one local resident director in the company. Local resident directors are Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents, an EntrePass or Employment Pass holder if their usual place of residence is Singapore.
If you are residing outside of Singapore but wish to register a company in Singapore, we will be able to assist you with our Local nominee director service.
Generally speaking, a local nominee director is a ‘nominated director’ only with the purpose of legally satisfying statutory requirements. The local nominee director does not have managerial, operational or financial powers attached to it and do not hold any shares.

$ 1500 SGD per / 12 months

✔  No deposit required
✔  Simple, straightforward and transparent
✔  Fully legal and compliant with governmental regulations


As per corporate law in Singapore, all directors including the nominee director have equal legal obligations. If in the event that the foreign directors cannot be contacted or reached, the local nominee director is required to pay for certain fees such as company liquidation charges.
It is common practice for companies like us to charge a security deposit fee for local nominee director services; however we have decided to omit the initial deposit as we understand that the money can be used for more important expenses.
Our fees for our Local nominee director service is based on a 12 month renewable service.

What Documents Do We Need From You?

Scanned copy of passport
Scanned overseas driving licence
Proof of overseas residential address
Proof of overseas residence (eg: utilities bill, telephone bill, etc.)

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